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Great Rafter

Great Rafter named Stanislaw Marusarz - ski jump in Zakopane, named after the skier Stanislav Marusarz, situated on the northern slope of the mountain Rafter in the Western Tatras. It was built to a design by Charles Stryjeński, officially opened on 22nd March 1925. It is the largest ski jump in Poland. Its design point is located on 120 meter.


Gubalowka (1126 m) - a longitudinal elevation in the foothills Gubałówka (Gubałówka Range). It rises on the north-west side of Zakopane. On the east side Gubałówka is the highest situated village in Poland - A tooth, and the western Gubalowka adjacent to Butorowskim Wierch. At the foot of the northern slopes of the Gubałó...



Krupówki are representative street in Zakopane, located in the city center. They begin at the intersection of Nowotarska and pulled over a kilometer promenade to the south. They are an extension of the street Zamoyski. Along these...